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Adventure Island!

Adventure Island Day 1

Available from Monday 24th of August.

Parachute onto Adventure Island with Georgia and draw an authentic island map with Sally!

Adventure Island Day 2

Available from Tuesday 25th of August.

Build a lighthouse with Sally, do a rain dance with Georgia and Write about the weather in our poetic extension task.


Adventure Island Day 3

Available from Wednesday 26th of August.

Try out semaphore with Georgia, create a shelter Sally, and then try a hiding a secret message in a picture in our extension task.

Adventure Island Day 4

Available from Thursday 27th of August.

Become one with the island with Georgia, then create a field guide to figure it out with Sally. Finally, document your time on the island in your journal in our extension task!

Adventure Island Day 5

Available from Friday 28th of August.

It's time to make the voyage home, so make a raft with Sally, and create a soundscape of the sea with Georgia. Then learn all about ocean plastics in our extension task.

View Extension Worksheet (PDF)
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