Education For All Ages

We offer a range of fun and creative educational things for children, young people and adults. For more information on any of the resources or sessions listed below, or to discuss a bespoke workshop, talk or project, please email us at We are particularly supportive of Home Educators, the D/deaf community and those who face barriers engaging with culture and creativity. Please see the bottom of this page for details.

We are available for face to face visits in line with government guidance. If a virtual session would work better for you, please get in touch. Almost everything on this page can be taken online somehow!


Show Related Workshops & Resources


Adventure Island!


Sessions for College & University Students

EYFS. KS1, KS2, KS3 & KS4
If you are coming to see one of our shows or if we are coming to perform for you, make the most of the experience with a range of connected workshops and supporting resources. These include

pre and post show teaching resources and a mixture of drama, design, writing and making workshops. Exact content will depend on the show you are seeing and the ages and needs of those taking part. 

KS1, KS2, KS3 & KS4, Birthday parties
Spend a day exploring Adventure Island! Build dens, make maps and record your discoveries with your fellow travelers. 

Adventure Island explores STEM subjects and literacy through exciting immersive activities. Your adventure can last for a full day, a half day or all week as a holiday course. Activities are tailored to the ages and abilities of young people taking part.

Young people aged 16+
Sessions for college and university include: 

  • Portfolio building

  • Working with others, working for yourself - Professional practice and self care in the creative industries


Character Workshops

KS1, KS2, KS3 & KS4,
Explore characters from literature or history with a combination of writing activities, drama games, costume design or even puppet making! This workshop aligns particularly well with English and empathy (PSHE) as well as creative subjects. This session can run for an hour, a full day or anything in between. Activities can be tailored to your chosen story text or curriculum outcome.

TD501 puppetry Ethel process1.jpg

Puppet Making

All ages and abilities
Learn how to make Bunraku style jointed puppets, finger puppets and loads more. It's easier than you might think. 
These workshops can be themed to suit you.
Depending  on the style and size of puppets, sessions can run from one hour to a whole week.


Sessions for People Living With Dementia

For more info, please email us at


Bespoke Workshops


Visiting Director


Sessions for Older People

All ages and abilities
We are excited to find out what your group wants to learn! We are more than happy to build a bespoke session around your interests and needs. 

For more info, please email us at

For more info, please email us at


Creative Writing Workshops




Intergenerational Projects

For more info, please email us at

For more info, please email us at

For more info, please email us at

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Design Talks




Sessions for Adults

For more info, please email us at

For more info, please email us at

For more info, please email us at


Creative Careers Talks


Film Making & Acting for Screen

For more info, please email us at

For more info, please email us at

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on length of sessions, how many artists are involved, material costs, etc. The usual base rate is £75 for a shorter session (up to 1hr), £100 per half day (up to 3 hrs) and £150 per full day (up to 6hrs) this includes preparation time. If your booking doesn't fit exactly into one of these time blocks, we are more than happy to offer assemblies, a staff CPD session, or something else to make use of the time paid for. 

I can't possibly afford that!

We understand that budgets are always tight. If yours doesn't quite stretch to one of our sessions, here are few things that might help:

  • We offer discounts on our services to Home Educators - these vary depending on the session but can be up to 30% off

  • Most of our sessions tick some great curriculum boxes across two or more subjects. Why not see if you can split the cost with other departments in your school?

  • We offer discounts to members of the D/deaf community. One of our artists signs BSL to a level 2 standard. We are unable to cover the cost of an interpreter. But we are happy to discuss different ways of funding this or to tailor our sessions so as not to need an interpreter. 

  • We are always on the look out for organisations to partner with! Maybe we can work with you to develop a project or some new sessions. Sometimes it is possible to access outside funding for creative educational partnership work or sometimes we are able to offer a discount if you are willing to be our guinea pigs! Drop us an email and we can have a chat.

  • Why not see if you can get a local business to sponsor a workshop from us? Lots of businesses are looking for ways to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and this could be it! Many of our sessions create great photo opportunities and creative outcomes. We are also more than happy to do social media posts etc. to shout about any sponsorhip.

  • Still can't afford us? Get in touch anyway, we might not be able to help but we'll certainly see what we can do. Money should not be a barrier to creative learning or having a great time.