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Explore the natural world, outer space, transport and lots more through art and drama!

STEAM On! is a bank of free resources exploring Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through the Arts! 

STEAM On! is a programme of fun filled learning activities for 5-11* year-olds made and delivered by Matipo Arts as part of Essex 2020.

*STEAM On! is based on topics from the Key Stage 1&2 curriculum but all ages are very welcome (even grown-ups!)

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STEAM On! Project Launch
& Taster Activities

STEAM On! Project Launch 

Available from Wednesday 22nd July 2020


Available from Thursday 23rd July 2020

Make a conveyor belt and move like a machine!

Machines Day 2!

Available from Friday 24th July 2020

Use annotated drawings to design your very own machine, create a mechanical soundscape and write an onomatopoeic poem!

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