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Below are a range of creative resources which 

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on length of sessions, how many artists are involved, material costs, etc. The usual base rates are below listed below. These times include preparation time. If your booking doesn't fit exactly into one of these time blocks, we are more than happy to offer extra sessions, drop in activities, or something else to make use of the time paid for. 


Standard rates
These rates apply to businesses, weddings, birthday parties and other individual bookings.
Our standard rates include a small contribution towards the free and discounted activities we run as a social enterprise.

1 Artist Facilitator
Full day (up to 7 hrs) - £400
Half day (up to 3.5 hrs) - £275
1 Hour - £200

2 Artist Facilitators

Full day (up to 7 hrs) - £550
Half day (up to 3.5 hrs) - £375
1 Hour - £275


Education and not for profit rates
These rates apply to schools, home educators, charities, social enterprises and some others. 

1 Artist Facilitator
Full day (up to 7 hrs) - £300
Half day (up to 3.5 hrs) - £200
1 Hour - £150

2 Artist Facilitators

Full day (up to 7 hrs) - £450
Half day (up to 3.5 hrs) - £300
1 Hour - £225

I can't possibly afford that!

We understand that budgets are always tight. If yours doesn't quite stretch to one of our sessions, here are few things that might help:

  • We offer discounts on our services to Home Educators - these vary depending on the session but can be up to 10% off

  • Most of our sessions tick some great curriculum boxes across two or more subjects. Why not see if you can split the cost with other departments in your school?

  • We offer discounts to members of the D/deaf community. One of our artists signs BSL to a level 3 standard. We are unable to cover the cost of an interpreter. But we are happy to discuss different ways of funding this or to tailor our sessions so as not to need an interpreter. 

  • We are always on the look out for organisations to partner with! Maybe we can work with you to develop a project or some new sessions. Sometimes it is possible to access outside funding for creative educational partnership work or sometimes we are able to offer a discount if you are willing to be our guinea pigs! Drop us an email and we can have a chat.

  • Why not see if you can get a local business to sponsor a workshop from us? Lots of businesses are looking for ways to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and this could be it! Many of our sessions create great photo opportunities and creative outcomes. We are also more than happy to do social media posts etc. to shout about any sponsorhip.

  • Still can't afford us? Get in touch anyway, we might not be able to help but we'll certainly see what we can do. Money should not be a barrier to creative learning or having a great time. 

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