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SIDES Eastgate 2.JPG

Poetry intertwined with forms in nature. Hands reached. Oil dripped.

The SIDES exhibition documented an ongoing exploration in natural sculpture and repetitive process. It considered the intersection between organically occurring realities and human intention.

In support of SIDES, Sally ran four workshops bringing local people of all ages into the Eastgate Gallery (2020).


Building Utopia is a public installation that first took place at Harlow’s Eastgate Gallery on 29th February (2020).

Participants learnt about concepts of Utopia through time and around the world. They designed posters for an imagined civilisation, added their ideas to the Wall Of Change and made buildings, gardens and more to add to the central ‘Future City’ installation.

They came to make, came to talk, came to watch and came to think about the past and the future.

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